Hello (distributed) world !

Hi there … ! I am the guy from ‘Thinking in Java EE‘ have been interested in distributed systems and its equivalent software solutions for some time now.. So I thought of starting off yet another blog (the one you’re reading) to help myself and others (hopefully ;-))

The plan (at least right now) is to write and discuss about a variety of distributed systems products ranging from

  • NoSQL solutions,
  • in-memory data grids,
  • general distributed computing frameworks,
  • messaging systems,
  • and maybe pure distributed system theory from time to time, if I am able to make sense out of it !
  • etc etc etc.

Let’s see how this goes. Don’t get fooled into thinking I am a distributed systems expert… but who knows, maybe one day 😉


About Abhishek

Loves Java EE, distributed KV stores and messaging systems. Frequently blogs at abhirockzz.wordpress.com as well as simplydistributed.wordpress.com. Oh, I have also authored a few (mini) books, articles, Refcards etc. :-)
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