Kafka Streams based application

A Kafka Streams sample application is available on Github… This is a microservice (packaged in form of an Uber JAR) which uses the Kafka Streams Processor (low level) API to calculate the Cumulative Moving Average of the CPU metrics of each machine in a distributed manner

  • A producer application continuously emits CPU usage metrics into a Kafka topic (cpu-metrics-topic) and consumer application (instances) do the computation
  • Consumers can be horizontally scaled – the processing work is distributed amongst many nodes and the process is elastic and flexible thanks to Kafka Streams (and the fact that it leverages Kafka for fault tolerance etc.)
  • Each instance has its own (local) state for the calculated average. A custom REST API has been (using Jersey JAX-RS implementation) to tap into this state and provide a unified view of the entire system (moving averages of CPU usage of all machines)

….. more in the project README



About Abhishek

Loves Java EE, distributed KV stores and messaging systems. Frequently blogs at abhirockzz.wordpress.com as well as simplydistributed.wordpress.com. Oh, I have also authored a few (mini) books, articles, Refcards etc. :-)
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